Why IBS foodie?

I’m Laura. 

I have pretty bad IBS but also love food. Its always on the mind, I’m a thinking about Saturday’s dinner whilst eating Tuesday’s breakfast kind of gal. NO SHAME.

I developed IBS after suffering from the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had (which has happened 3 times btw), whilst on holiday in Summer 2016. Over the last 10 months or so it has gotten quite bad, to the point where I was recently referred to see a dietitian, who was amazing. I am very lucky to have figured out the majority of my trigger foods via a two week food diary and managed to avoid the dreaded FODMAP diet, if you’ve faced/nearly faced this, you know the struggle.

Anyway, I’ve realised that its really important for me to be able to talk openly about my IBS and symptoms because its something that has had a huge impact on my life. To put it bluntly, I suffer from IBS-C, that is IBS which induces constipation. However, my now daily dose of 4-5 tsp of linseed (aka flax seed) works wonders, the bloat life is still real and to be honest it can be emotionally draining, but I’m working on it.

When I  first started to figure out my trigger foods I would walk around Tesco feeling so sad because I was having to avoid all of my faves. Early ones I discovered were; dairy, eggs, chilli, pasta and any form of bran cereal. The list has also gone on to include; beans, pulses, crisps, onion, garlic, any reheated carbs (including microwave rice and frozen potato goods), some sweeteners, fizzy drinks and more, but I can’t remember them all! However, I am slowly but surely beginning to find good substitutes, chives for onions are without a doubt the best and better than onions IMO.

I’d be lying if I said that I stick to steering clear of my trigger foods 100% of the time, truth is I tried this and to do this 24/7 is harder than dealing with the symptoms themselves. I will have a very strict few days every now and then when I feel that my stomach is particularly bad but its extremely hard to avoid any symptoms completely and maintain it when you love food in the way that I do! The worst is when you are proud of eating/making something that you ‘know’ is fine and then 30 mins later you look like you’re 7 months pregnant! I know all IBS sufferers will relate! This is when the peppermint tea stash comes in handy!

So without directly explaining ‘Why IBS foodie?’, I hope that explains a least a little bit. I’ve been considering doing this blog thing for a while and there’s no time like the present! I’m hoping to share my fave places to eat, some recipes, maybe some fitness stuff (cause I’m into that too) and shall continue to sip my peppermint tea along the way.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

IBS foodie x

(p.s my Insta has some foodporn too.. https://www.instagram.com/ibsfoodie/ )